Wine Law

18 WINE LAW Michael Tanti-Dougall The Wine Industry Regulation in Malta – A Legal Perspective 479 1. Introduction; 2. Grape Varieties in Maltese Islands; 3. Legislative Framework; 3.1. The Wine Act; 3.2. Legal Notice No. 167 of 2007, “IĠT Wines Production Protocols Regulations”; 3.3. Legal Notice No. 416 of 2007, “DOK Wines Production Protocols Regulations”. Carlos Armas Morales 487 The Promotion of Wine and Taxation: Urgent Harmonisation for the Growth of the Peruvian Wine Industry 1. Introduction; 2. Wine as a Consumer Good Regulated by Law; 3. Laws for the Promotion of the Wine Industry; 4. Wine and Taxation; 5. Conclusions; 6. Final Notes; 7. References. Ilie Dumitru The Evolution of Romania’s Vine and Wine Law 505 I. The Evolution of Vineyards and Wine among Romanians; I.1. Ancient Period; I.2. Medieval Period; I.3. Modern Period; I.4. Contemporary Period; II. Wine Regions and Vineyards; II.1. The Main Wine Regions and Vineyards in Romania; II.2. The Main Wine Regions and Vineyards in the Republic of Moldova; III. The Normative Framework Applicable to Viticulture; III.1. European Union Legislation; III.2. National Legislation; III.2.1. Cultivation areas and production potential;