Wine Law

CONTENTS 19 III.2.2. Vineyard exploitation file; III.2.3. Vine plantations; IV. National Regulatory Framework applicable to Wine Production and Marketing; IV.1. Definition of Wine and Other Wine Products; IV.2. Classifications of Wine; IV.2.1. Sugar content; IV.2.2. Quality and origin; IV.2.3. Other classifications; IV.3. Protection by Controlled Designation of Origin and Geographical Indication; IV.3.1. Attestation and control of grapes and wines; IV.3.2. Transport of wine products and mandatory records; IV.3.3. Packaging, labelling and marketing of wines. Nancho Nanchev The 2019 Russian Law on Viticulture and Winemaking 527 1. Introduction; 2. The Course of the Legislative Process Related to the New Federal Law on Viticulture and Winemaking; 3. Distinctive Features of the Federal Law on Viticulture and Winemaking; 4. Conclusion. Julio Facal Uruguay and Wine: Current Situation and Legal Framework 545 1. Background: Wine in Uruguay; 2. National Wine Institute (INAVI); 2.1. Powers and Duties; 3. Wine and Alcohol Level Legislation; 4. Conclusions. Claudia Madrid Martínez Brief Notes on Venezuelan Wine Law 553 Introduction; I. Wine in Venezuela; II. The First Regulations: Tariffs and Taxes;