Wine Law

astronomy plays a very important role in Tourism, anytime we talk about Portuguese gastronomy, the high quality of the wine produced in Portugal is always referred to. The legislation connected with this activity is something that needs special attention in all countries where Tourism and Gastronomy are considered key activities. Tourists and suppliers must know what to expect when, buying, selling, or managing. As President of ESHTE – Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies – I am pleased to participate in the first volume of Wine Law, an endeavor of ESHTE, Salamanca, and Sorbonne. Three Higher Education Institutions from Portugal, Spain, and France among the leading tertiary educational institutes in their respective areas of teaching. Thank you all, who have contributed to this volume, the authors, from many countries and not only from Europe who shared their precious knowledge and information with us and all the ones who worked in the back-office to make this work come true. This first volume will be dedicated to our colleague João Leitão, former Vicepresident of ESHTE and former President of the Portuguese Tour Guides Association whose work was for many years, and still is, very important in the promotion of Tourism and Gastronomy in Portugal. RAÚL DAS ROUCAS FILIPE ESHTE President G