Wine Law

s a Vice Dean of the Law School of the University of Paris I, Pantheón Sorbonne, it is an honour to co-present the first Volume of Wine Law, a loose-leaf edition that will easily allow updates in the printed format and will also be available online. Not a year after the publication of the book Collective Commentary about the New Package Travel Directive, it is a great satisfaction that Sorbonne, Salamanca and ESHTE present another initiative in such a short period. This is, in fact, a publication under the aegis of three universities in countries where wine plays a major role in their respective economies. Indeed, France has assumed a decisive role in the Droit du Vin and de la Vigne. Its vineyards are the ultimate expression of quality, where the unique terroir is strongly linked to the sustainability of the territory. It is a set of legal norms, indispensable for the evolution of a powerful sector of the economy, with a strong tradition at the national level, but where competition is increasingly greater worldwide. Hence, the publication, already in this first volume, is not confined to Europe and brings together various contributions from the South American continent. LAURENCE JÉGOUZO Vice Dean of the Sorbonne Law School A