Wine Law

Wine and Advertising in Spanish Legislation: Analysis of Some Controversies1 Francisca Ramón Fernández2 Cristina Lull Noguera3 Introduction; I. Wine and Advertising: Regulation in Spain; II. Prohibited and Permitted Acts of Advertising Relating to Wine; II.1. Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications; II.2. Law on Advertising and Alcoholic Beverages; II.3. The Wine Self-Regulation Code of the Spanish Wine Federation in Advertising and Commercial Communications; II.4. Responsible Consumption of Wine: Wine in Moderation; III. Problems Raised in Relation to Minors; Conclusions; Bibliography. INTRODUCTION Wine and wine consumption in Spain are associated with the territories’ cultural identity elements. Wine culture is widespread and has been present in many of the activities related to festivities and commemorations, for example, the festival Los Caballos del Vino (“Wine Horses” in Spanish), celebrated in the city of Caravaca de la Cruz, in Murcia, which is also associated with a religious sentiment. Moreover, many festivals in different Spanish regions revolve around wine, as is the grape harvest. Wine also covers other products besides beverages, for instance, food (wine ice creams or desserts; or juices in which the grape must is present), food 1 Paper written within the framework of I+D+i Project “Retos investigación” (Reasearch Challenges) of the I+D+i State Program, oriented to the Challenges of the Society on the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities: RTI2018-097354-B-100 (2019-2022), and Project of the I+D+i Retos MICINN PID2019-108710RB-I00 2 (020-2022). 2 Senior Lecturer in Civil Law. School of Design Engineering (ETSID).;; Email:; Polytechnic University of Valencia. 3 Lecturer hired doctor. Higher Polytechnic School of Gandía (EPSG).;; Email:; Polytechnic University of Valencia.