Wine Law

product of Nature that unites us – 600 cities and regions –, and a single strategy to enhance the territory and the wine sector! As President of RECEVIN - European Network of Wine Cities, it is an honour to co-present the first Volume of Wine Law, a work by the Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies and the Universities of Salamanca and Sorbonne. The work carried out by these three major institutions is reflected in the pages of this book, which, through the sharing of scientific knowledge, contribute to a structuring theme for the sustainable development of territories, thus demonstrating that success lies in the collaborative work between different institutions and nations. With collaborative work as a structuring pillar of its performance, RECEVIN defends that the union and strength of the European Cities of Wine are a fundamental institutional tool for defending the interests of European local administrations, economically linked to the wine sector and wine tourism. RECEVIN has the support of National Associations and Associates from countries such as Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Serbia, which translate the strength of nearly 600 cities across Europe. The set of legal norms presented here will be a decisive contribution to the work that RECEVIN and the different economic agents linked to the wine sector have been developing. It is RECEVIN’s strategic objective, as well, to see the capacity of this normative framework strengthened, in the sense of helping, in a decisive way, to assume the wine sector as an identity trait of the culture of wine-growing territories around the world; a genuine and sustainable identity. As President of this Network, I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Professor Carlos Torres and his entire team for their work. JOSÉ CALIXTO President of RECEVIN A