Wine Law

Vineyard Register: The Role for Management of the Wine-Growing Potential in the European Union Tatjana Josipović1 1. EU Wine Market Organisation; 2. Vineyards and Registers; 3. Vineyard Registers in Croatia; 4. Conclusion – The Efficiency of Vineyard Registers. 1. EU WINE MARKET ORGANISATION Wine policy is a very important part of the common agricultural policy (CAP) of the European Union. European wines enjoy worldwide recognition as quality leaders although the international competition is extremely fierce. The EU is the world-leading producer, consumer and exporter of wine. According to the 2019 statistics, the EU accounted for 44% of the wine-growing areas in the world, 61% of production, 50% of global consumption and 67% of exports2. Wine production in the EU in 2020 was estimated at 165 million hectoliters being 63% of the estimated global wine production in 2020. Italy, France and Spain together accounted for 53% of the world wine production in the same year when the overall vineyard surface area in the European Union amounted to 3.3 million hectares3. 1 Tatjana Josipović, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb. 2 Taken from the Commission Staff Working Document “Evaluation of the CAP Measures Applicable to the Wine Sector”, Brussels, 20/10/2020, SWD (2020) 232 final, p. 6 published at (visited: 3/8/2021). 3 See: State of the world vitivinicultural sector in 2020, International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), April 2021, pp. 3 and 6, published at (visited: 3/8/2021).