Wine Law

404 WINE LAW laying down detailed rules for the description and presentation of wines and musts, recognises that the Member States may permit the use of the word “wine” if it is accompanied by the name of a fruit and provided that the beverage in question was obtained by the alcoholic fermentation of that fruit or other composite names including the word “wine”. Therefore, it will be for the national courts to determine whether the words “alcohol-free wine” constitute a composite name accepted by the national legislation in question as a description of a product other than wine, within the meaning of the Community rules. The reply to the question referred by the national court of Carcassonne was that Annex II, point 8, to Regulation No 337/79, re-enacted in point 10 of Annex I, to Regulation No 822/87, requires the wine to be presented at the moment it is placed on the market, a minimum level of alcohol. BIBLIOGRAPHY GAUTIER, Jean-François, “La définition juridique du vin et des différents types de vin”, dans Revue de droit rural, Paris, Éditions techniques et économiques, no. 237, novembre 1995, pp. 489-494.