Wine Law

Professional Organisation of Argentine Viticulture Ricardo Poccioni 1 I. Introduction; II. Legal Regulations: Objective Constraints; III. Cyclic Crisis and Ideological Perspectives; IV. The Fundamental Consensus; V. Conflict of Interests, Object of Coordination; VI. COVIAR (Argentine Wine Corporation); VI.1. Public Non-State Entity; VI.2. Purpose and Objectives; VI.3. Entity of Administration and Government; VI.4. Financial Resources – Penalties for Non-Compliance; VI.5. Executive Entities and Methodology; VII. Corollary. I. INTRODUCTION Argentina’s viticulture in is the legacy of our immigrant ancestors, who brought not only wine but also consumer habits. Wine, which has always been part of our table, culture and history, is a diverse activity that expresses the homeland and its people and does not allow clustering because consumers would not allow that. The activity’s professional organisation gathers a great diversity of fields: minor and great producers, small and big wineries, transporters, fractioning entities, exporters, national and foreigners, grape juice producers, dried and fresh grapes. They all develop their activities among the entire wine geography, and they all have several interests shown in the dynamic of conflicts. To facilitate the comprehension of such dynamic, the constraints are exposed – they are the goal of regulations and regional politics. 1 Ricardo Poccioni: Ex-chief of Legal Issues of the Ministry of Economy from the Province of Mendoza; Ex-consultant of the Executive Power of the Province of Mendoza; Ex-member of Administrative Law Chair in the Legal and Social Sciences School of the University of Mendoza; Speaker of the post-graduate course, MAGNAGRO, of the Agricultural and Economic Sciences of the Cuyo National University; Legal consultant of the Viticultural Fund from Mendoza; Legal consultant of the Argentine Viticultural Corporation ;