Wine Law

464 WINE LAW quickly after the pandemic. Enotourism is a key factor in building the image of Argentine wine to the world and of the consumption instance that facilitates tourist experiences at wineries. It is expected that, in the post-pandemic period, Sustainable Tourism will be the axis that will drive the recovery of the local economies of Argentina. Wine tourism is highly promising for developing of the country’s different wine regions, due to the diversity of activities offered to the wine tourist, who is highly conscious of the environment, with, in general, short stays, no longer than five days. Accordingly, it will drive the country’s comprehensive and sustainable socioeconomic growth as it creates jobs and richness, leading to an improved life quality for the local people. Wine and good drinking have become a much-desired tendency by nowadays’ visitors, and although they look forward to opening a bottle and enjoy its superb product, they also enjoy discovering the processes and visiting the vineyards and caves. So it is expectable that this industry will return to its activities strongly as soon as travelling is safe.