Wine Law

The Evolution of Romania’s Vine and Wine Law Ilie Dumitru 1 I. The Evolution of Vineyards and Wine among Romanians; I.1. Ancient Period; I.2. Medieval Period; I.3. Modern Period; I.4. Contemporary Period; II. Wine Regions and Vineyards; II.1. The Main Wine Regions and Vineyards in Romania; II.2. The Main Wine Regions and Vineyards in the Republic of Moldova; III. The Normative Framework Applicable to Viticulture; III.1. European Union Legislation; III.2. National Legislation; III.2.1. Cultivation areas and production potential; III.2.2. Vineyard exploitation file; III.2.3. Vine plantations; IV. National Regulatory Framework Applicable to Wine Production and Marketing; IV.1. Definition of Wine and Other Wine Products; IV.2. Classifications of Wine; IV.2.1. Sugar content; IV.2.2. Quality and origin; IV.2.3. Other classifications; IV.3. Protection by Controlled Designation of Origin and Geographical Indication; IV.3.1. Attestation and control of grapes and wines; IV.3.2. Transport of wine products and mandatory records; IV.3.3. Packaging, labelling and marketing of wines. I. THE EVOLUTION OF VINEYARDS AND WINE AMONG ROMANIANS I.1. Ancient Period The current territory of Romania is located in the epicentre of the territory inhabited by the ancestors of the Romanian people, the Geto-Dacian tribes, which, in turn, belonged to the great Thracian people. They lived in a vast territory, stretching from the northern Black Sea (now Ukraine) to beyond the Pannonian Plain (now Hungary) and from the northern Carpathians (now Slovakia) to the Pindus Mountains (now Greece). 1 PhD; Associate Professor at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies; Lawyer in the Dumitru&Associates Law Office ;