Wine Law

502 WINE LAW IV.3.3. P ACKAGING , LABELLING AND MARKETING OF WINES For a wine 31 to be consumed, it must be bottled under the sanction of withdrawal from marketing. Quality sparkling wine with DOC, for instance, may be stored and marketed only in glass containers, closed by a cork or other material admitted in international trade, fixed by wire ties, covered, where appropriate, with a lid and wrapped in foil covering the plug completely. When labelling wine products, some mandatory information must be included on the label in Romanian for the wine products made in Romania, for instance, a) the category of wine product, b) its DOC or IG if applicable, c) acquired alcoholic strength, d) the country of origin, e) the indication of the bottler or, in the case of sparkling wines, of the producer or trader, f) the indication of the importer, in case of imported wines, g) the nominal volume of the container/bottle and h) the indication of the batch number, which allows the identification of the bottling date. Moreover, there are optional mentions , such as a) year of harvest (if such an indication appears on the label, at least 85% of the quantity of grapes used in the production process must be harvested in that year), b) the name of one or more wine grape varieties (if a single vine variety is named, the wine must have been obtained in a proportion of at least 85% of the said variety, in the case of more, the wine must have been produced in a proportion of 100% of the said varieties) and c) indications showing the sugar content. Finally, regarding the marketing and consumption of wine, it should also be noted that any category of wine may also be marketed in bulk for bottling aims, except for sparkling, aerated sparkling, semi-sparkling, aerated semi-sparkling and liqueur wines. DOC, IG and varietal wines packaged in a bag-in-box system may be placed for direct consumption (to the consumer) in containers of a smaller volume than the container in which they were bottled, subject to traceability. Lastly, bulk wines’ retail sale is made only in spaces authorised by the state counsellors qualified for technical wine control. 31 Including DOC wines, IG wines, varietal wines, liqueur wines, aerated sparkling wines, sparkling wines, semi-sparkling wines and aerated semi-sparkling wines.